Trends and Opportunities in Advancing South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Kyrgyzstan

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The country has certain advantages in education and emergency systems that could be marketed where social, legal, economic conditions are comparable and can contribute to the post-2015 agenda. A comparative advantage of Kyrgyzstan is its civil society in matters related to the development of democratic institutions, access to justice and transparency and accountability of public institutions by exchange of experience and know-how, provision of technical expertise or technology to other Southern developing countries.

Within its mandate UNOSSC supports the governments and UNCTs in the Arab states, Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States in their efforts to take stock of the existing practices of South-South cooperation, potential areas that would benefit from South-South exchanges and initiatives, as well as the knowledge, expertise and successful development experiences that can be shared with other countries. The stocktaking process results in the elaboration of recommendations intended to help the governments, private sector, civil society and UN agencies to mainstream and advance South-South cooperation in the countries.