Knowledge Exchange Workshop on Livestock Development

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Representatives of technical cooperation agencies, ministries of agriculture and centres of excellence from Algeria, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Sudan, Tunis, Turkey and Uzbekistan gathered to exchange knowledge and views on successful home-grown solutions and models in the area of livestock to combat poverty and to enhance food security.

Segment 1: Official Opening

  1. Opening Session: Message from the IDB Representative (French)
  2. Welcoming Remarks: Edem Bakhshish, UNOSSC
  3. Keynote Speech: Overview of the Approach and the National Plan on Agriculture Development on Livestock – Mr. Fouad Chahat, General Director of INRA, Algeria
  4. Algeria’s National Institute of Veterinary Medicine

Segment 2: Country Presentations on Livestock Development

  1. Algeria: National Centre for Artificial Insemination and Genetic Improvement
  2. Algeria: CNIAAG Industrial Crossing IA BBG (French version)
  3. Algeria: Livestock Breeding – Algeria Technical Institute of Livestock Breeding
  4. Algeria: Livestock breeding -Algeria Technical Institute of Livestock Breeding (French version)
  5. Hungary: The Hungarian Livestock Sector
  6. Kyrgyzstan: Livestock development 
  7. Kyrgyzstan: North Star
  8. Morocco: Country Presentation
  9. Morocco: PNUD Algeria 2016 – FIMALAIT
  10. Sudan: Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Forests – MoAF
  11. Tunisia: The livestock sector: Priorities, Challenges and Project Cooperation Prospection
  12. Turkey: Ege Vet Ltd & Ata Fen Inc
  13. Turkey: Small Ruminants
  14. Uzbekistan: Livestock Development in Uzbekistan

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