Water resources management and irrigation systems under climate changes are in the focus of the South-South knowledge exchange and coordination workshop in Morocco

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The South-South Knowledge Exchange and Coordination Workshop on water resources and irrigation system under climate change was organized in the framework of the partnership initiative on South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Agricultural Development and Enhanced Food Security (SSTC-ADFS) jointly supported by IFAD, IsDB and UNOSSC. It provided an opportunity for the representatives of Ministries of Agriculture, private sector, water resources organizations, and centers of excellence, as well as the UN agencies and other international organizations actively involved into supporting of Agriculture Development in the participating countries to learn the countries’ experience and identify replicable solutions that can be implemented within the framework of the initiative.

The Workshop was hosted by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries through the National Institute for Agricultural Research (INRA) on 12-14 October 2016, Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco. The workshop represented practical implementation of the agreements reached and initiatives sounded at the First Knowledge Exchange and Coordination Workshop within the SSTC ADFS Partnership Initiative (Izmir, Turkey, 2015), and is a subsequent continuation of the events raw within the sectoral knowledge exchange corridors of the initiative.

The meeting was also an opportunity for participants to highlight their respective countries’ ongoing or planned priority activities in the area of water resources and irrigation system, and cooperation frameworks that could be considered to maximize country’s benefit from the SSTC-ADFS partnership initiative. It allowed exchange views and practical recommendations towards establishing a broader systematic platform for cross-regional South-South knowledge exchange and transfers responsive to the national development priorities in their respective countries.

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