UN Report: South-South cooperation presents a lower-cost approach to achieving development goals

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June 15, 2017. Astana, Kazakhstan – A new study by the UN Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC) and UNDP explores how countries can benefit from each other by sharing practical knowledge generated at various levels of government, civil society and the private sector in addressing human development challenges.

Presenting the report at the Second Networking Forum for South-South Cooperation in Astana, Kazakhstan, Ms. Cihan Sultanoglu, Director of UNDP Regional Bureau for Europe and the CIS, explains that the study is intended as a practical guide for national policy makers, exemplifying the various forms of South-South cooperation in the region and giving advice on how to design and run such initiatives.

Mutual collaboration in the region has intensified over the last 20 years, often dealing with very specific technical, non-contentious issues, which makes South-South cooperation a very effective channel for increasing development cooperation and maintaining a constructive dialogue among the countries involved, even in politically sensitive environments.

The region is linked by transboundary issues such as water, energy, transport, environment and climate change as well as similar social challenges such as ensuring gender equality and child protection.

South-South Cooperation encourages countries to join forces on specific human development areas, resulting in faster progress, higher impact and more innovative tools. It presents a valuable, lower-cost approach for achieving development results and fosters regional solidarity.

Ms. Sultanoglu further said, “South-South cooperation increases productive competition and accountability in the region”.

The report also maps the key regional groupings and organizations with members among ECIS countries, showcases more than 50 concrete South-South development solutions from the region, and provides policy recommendations for national policymakers on how to advance regional cooperation to support the achievement of development results.

UNOSSC has also recently launched the South-South in Action publication series, which is encouraging countries themselves to publish local experiences that have contributed to the achievement of their own development goals, while inspiring other countries to offer tested solutions for joint challenges.

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