Interagency agreement between Palestinian Agency for International Cooperation and UNOSSC was signed in Brasilia, Brazil

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12 March 2018. Brasilia, Brazil. On the sidelines of the Brasilia Conference to discuss the preparations for the United Nations Summit on Cooperation in Argentina, a strategic cooperation agreement between the Palestinian Agency for International Cooperation (PICA) and the UNOSSC was officially signed.

The agreement was signed by the Director General of PICA, Imad Al-Zuhairi, and the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr. Jorge Chediek, and the Director of UNOSSC.

The agreement aims to provide a framework for cooperation, support and facilitation of the joint work between the two parties in development areas that are within their interests and priorities and serve the achievement of the international development goals.

The agreement included important areas of cooperation based on strengthening tripartite cooperation between the Agency and member states, supporting the inclusion and participation of the Agency in regional and international activities and programs, and joint cooperation to meet challenges under the respective mandate of the Party, particularly in development, those related to education, public health, social work, infrastructure, gender equality, youth leadership and climate change.

The agreement also includes the strategy that will strengthen the status of PICA in the international arena, the development of South-South knowledge sharing, cooperation to find development solutions provided by Southern countries, and facilitating the high-level dialogue on policies, as well as plans and technical exchange towards institutional partnership through South-South and triangular cooperation.

Emad Zuhairi, Director General of PICA, said that this strategic agreement between PICA and the United Nations Office in New York will allow the participation of joint programs and activities through which the Agency will contribute to the formulation of policy tools and relevant United Nations reports.

Mr. Jorge Chediek, envoy of the Secretary-General for Cooperation and Director of UNOSSC, praised the importance of this agreement and looked forward to its implementation and expressed his appreciation for the various programs and activities carried out by PICA in a considerable number of countries on various continents. However, it has proved itself strongly and is now playing an important developmental and humanitarian role in the international arena.

UNOSSC, based in New York, has the mandate of the United Nations General Assembly to promote and support cooperation between and among the countries of the South through the United Nations system as well as with the international development community.