South-South and Triangular Cooperation in Action Series: Palestinian International Cooperation Agency

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This publication aims to provide an insight into the new development agency of the State of Palestine, examining its objectives, mission and activities undertaken and the South-South cooperation mechanism used to foster resilience and humanitarian development projects. In the 1st chapter, the publication describes PICA’s origins and governance, how and why President Mahmoud Abbas created the institution in 2016, how it is structured, and its methodology of work based on four well-dened pillars of intervention:

  1. Rapid response and recovery;
  2. Technical cooperation;
  3. Policy leadership; and
  4. Investment.

Furthermore, the report examines the comparative advantages of the institution in terms of human capital – particularly the diaspora – expertise, experience in development and humanitarian assistance, innovation and partnerships. In the second chapter, the publication showcases six humanitarian-development projects and programmes around the world based on the described pillars of action. In the third chapter, the publication analyses PICA’s way forward in pursuing its objective in the short and long-term and the main challenges faced to accomplish its goals.