News in the Arab States, Europe and the CIS


Hungary: how SMS helps preventing food forgery and support indigenous breeds producers

To get required information a consumer needs to use an identification number of cattle seen on a label of packed meat as a SMS number. In the response the consumer receives SMS with detailed information on the requested piece of meat.This became a reality when in 2008 the Breeders’ Association of Hungarian […]

Towards greater partnership of the government, private sector and civil society in Somalia

The two-decade conflict in Somalia resulted in a collapse of the country’s political, civil  and economic institutions, which are now in the process of re-emerging. Currently, Somalia’s economy is dominated by the informal sector and is predominantly based on agriculture and livestock, which accounts for about 65 percent of the GDP and […]

Egypt’s “Educate me” Learning Model: successful approach of inclusive education

Educate Me, a non-profit foundation, was started by a small group of young Egyptians as a fundraising initiative to reinstate financially underprivileged children in Giza governorate, back to school. Educate Me has developed the learner-centered skills-based educational model that works on developing children’s knowledge skills and values. The model incorporates ‘global 21st century skills, […]

Azerbaijan’s ASAN Service: Easy access to public services for the population

“Azerbaijan Service and Assessment Network” (ASAN) aims to provide public services in an easy, transparent, accessible and comfortable way. It was established in 2012 as part of the comprehensive reforms on the modernization of public administration and public service delivery. ASAN Xidmət centers are “one-stop shop”-based locations and render services on the “single […]

National focal points on South-South and Triangular Cooperation met to discuss the common issues and opportunities for coordination of SSTC

New York, 29-31 March 2016.The Familiarization and Experience exchange workshop was organized in the framework of ongoing efforts for capacity development for national South-South Coordination Units in the Arab States, Europe and the CIS with anticipated contribution to the advancement of the practical models for the coordination of South-South and Triangular Cooperation […]

The successful solution tested in Moldova on addressing youth’s needs is now available on the

Youth Index represents the ratio between the rate of youth and adult calculated for the different areas (unemployment, participation, health, risky behavior and violence) to identify and assess gaps and disparities at the policy level.  By having displayed a coherent picture of youth vulnerabilities, the Youth Index may serve as a tool […]

Delegates Meet to Exchange South-South Knowledge on Livestock Development

     FELAHA – INRAA – IFAD – IDB – UNOSSC JOINT PRESS RELEASE   “In 2030, the world should be producing 376 million tonnes of meat in a sustainable way” Algiers, 23 March 2016 – Investing in sustainable livestock development can contribute not only to food security but also to the fight […]

Knowledge Exchange Workshop on Livestock Development to be held in Algiers, on 21-23 March 2016

Experts share knowledge and experiences in Algeria on successful models of Livestock Development to achieve Sustainable Development and Enhanced Food Security in Arab States, Europe and the CIS Algiers, Algeria, 18 March 2016. Representatives of technical cooperation agencies, ministries of agriculture and centres of excellence from Algeria, Hungary, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Sudan, Tunis, Turkey […]

“One Village – One Product” – successful solution from the Kyrgyz Republic is available on the portal

The new solution representing a successful approach to supporting regional and rural development in in the Kyrgyz Republic is now available on the portal. The “One Village – One Product” project designed to concentrate available resources on producing and distributing a unique competitive product contributes to the revitalization of local communities, […]

The UNOSSC Division for Arab States, Europe and the CIS released its 2015 Annual Report

The report summarizes deliverables produced in compliance with the UNOSSC Guiding Frameworks and Regional Strategic Approach based on the overall operational context. In the course of 2015, and as an integral part of the joint advisory offering the Division continued to build up a range of tailor-made support services for the UN […]