News in the Arab States, Europe and the CIS


The Union for the Mediterranean: An Action-driven Organisation for Regional Cooperation and Development

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) South-South in Action Report explores the role of the UfM in facilitating regional cooperation and strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the Euro-Mediterranean region. UfM plays an essential role in fostering synergies and joining collective efforts to address the three interrelated priorities of the region – human development, […]

High-level Ministerial Meeting of the SSTC-ADFS partnership initiative, Antalya, Turkey

High-Level Ministerial Meeting on South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Agricultural Development and Enhanced Food Security in the Arab States, Europe and the CIS. At  the  side-event  of  the  Global  South-South  Development  Expo  2017, advancing cooperation  on  Agricultural  Development  and  Food  Security at policy-level will be addressed. Antalya, Turkey – A  high level  Ministerial  […]

South-South and Triangular Cooperation: Towards Sustainable Human Development in the Arab States

UNOSSC is seeking through this report to broaden the scope of thinking and facilitate wider knowledge exchanges on development successes and lessons learned across the Arab States. The report provides an overview of the national and regional development priorities of the Arab States and assesses South-South cooperation within Arab States and between […]

The Third Regional Networking Forum for Arab States, Europe and the CIS on South-South and Triangular Cooperation

Antalya, Turkey, 26 November 2017 – Key policy-makers and development professionals working in the Middle East and North Africa as well as Europe and Central Asia will explore together the exchange of resources, technology, and knowledge among countries of the Global South and their role in scaling up southern development solutions through advanced youth […]

Cooking oil waste as an energy source in Egypt

An innovative look at an estimate of 500,000 tons of cooking oil waste from food factories, restaurants, and hotels produced annually in Egypt can transform it into the source of energy. Tagaddod, a renewable Energy and Waste Management start-up, has introduced a new idea of turning used cooking oil to Biodiesel.

Turkey: Innovations in Pomegranate Growing – simple way to the labour productivity

For the purpose of sustainable orchard management, an innovative solution of single trunking and pruning of pomegranates has been developed and implemented by the Aegean Agricultural Research Institute in Turkey. The new pruning system that is globe-shaped with narrow angles and four main branches when applied supports the formation of the pomegranate […]

Launch of the First Global “Youth 4 South Video Contest”

We are pleased to announce the launch of the first global Youth4South Solution Awareness Contest aimed to promote the South-South Youth Leadership in advancing the Sustainable Development Agenda 2030.

South-South in Action: The Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States – The Turkic Council

South-South cooperation presents a dynamic and innovative toolbox to surmount today’s challenges in the development ecosystem and to serve as an important toolbox to address the needs of people. This toolbox that values partnership among equals based on the principles of solidarity and ownership constitutes a key instrument towards the achievement of […]

South-South in Action: Launch of the report on How the Turkic Council uses South-South Cooperation to Promote Regional and Global Development

25 September 2017. A joint Turkic Council-UNOSSC publication devoted to the role in international development of the Cooperation Council of Turkic Speaking States, an intergovernmental organization, which promotes deeper relations and solidarity among its members, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkey, as well as in the region, will be launched globally on the margins of the 72th UN General Assembly.

Sharing Successful Practices in Effective Pasture Management and Rural Tourism to Support Income Generation in Rural Areas

Countries’ successful solutions on effective pasture management and rural tourism, will be presented and discussed in a three-day workshop organized in Bishkek, on 26-28 September 2017 with the aim of improving the quality of life of rural inhabitants and enhancing food security. The South-South Knowledge Exchange and Coordination Workshop will gather representatives of the ministries of agriculture, technical cooperation agencies and centers of excellence from Algeria, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia, Turkey and Uzbekistan...