Our Work

Regional-level Outcomes

Outcome 1 (Member States/National Partners): Enhanced understanding of South-South, East-East and triangular cooperation and strengthened contribution of South-South and triangular cooperation to the formulation and/or strengthening of regional, sub-regional and intra-regional policies, strategies and partnerships.

Outcome 2 (UN System): Enhanced integration of South-South, East-East and triangular cooperation into UN system entities’ policies, programming and partnership efforts at the regional, sub-regional and intra-regional level.

Country-level Outcomes

Outcome 1 (Government-led): Strengthened institutional, human and technical capacities for South-South, East-East and triangular cooperation for implementing Agenda 2030 and increase effectiveness, during the last decade of action.

Outcome 2: Enhanced support to public health leadership and science as well as economic recovery, in the context of COVID-19 response and post-COVID 19 recovery, in the most affected countries in the regions, including through cross-regional cooperation.

Cross-cutting: Knowledge Management, Advocacy and Communications

Objective 1: Continue mapping of regional development solutions that can be replicated and scaled up by other countries.

Objective 2: Promote the use of most successful South-South, East-East and triangular cooperation programmes supported by United Nations Country Teams for possible scaling up in the country and beyond.

Objective 3: Partnerships with active players shall be furthered reinforced in targeting strategic sectors that accelerate the achievement of the SDGs.