Mapping South-South Cooperation Mechanisms and Solutions

The South-South World Mapping Portal: The portal is intended to provide a one-stop shop access to practical, easy-to-use expertise on the broad range of the existing South-South Cooperation mechanisms in the region, to be used by the government focal point agencies on South-South Cooperation as well as the United Nations agencies, funds and programmes active in the regions in their work aimed at advancing South-South Cooperation in compliance with the provisions of the High-level United Nations Conference on South-South Cooperation.

The publication on Mapping South-South Cooperation Mechanisms & Solutions in the Arab States region, supported by the Islamic Development Bank, UN Office for South-South Cooperation and the RBAS Regional Center in Cairo served as a platform for follow-up activities reflected in the elaboration and operationalization of the mapping portal.

It also offers an opportunity for sharing analytical information aimed at better understanding of the existing regional trends in South-South Cooperation, as well as visualizing the capacity gaps that prevent the countries in the region from taking full advantage of the potential benefits of South-South Cooperation. The coverage of the portal was expanded and now includes Africa, the Arab States and the Europe and CIS regions, thus facilitating intra- and interregional cooperation. It also covers the broad topic of agriculture and solutions from South-South Development Academy in Cairo, Egypt.

Sharing Solutions

If you are interested in sharing your experience in overcoming development problems, we encourage you to first download the solution profile template, then submit it to our team at: after you have filled it out. Once submitted the solution will be reviewed by us and placed on the South-South World Mapping Portal.