South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Agricultural Development and Enhanced Food Security


Launched in 2015, the “South-South and Triangular Cooperation for Agricultural Development and Enhanced Food Security project” (SSTC-ADFS) aims to contribute in achieving the national priorities of participating countries related to poverty alleviation among rural youth and women. This initiative assists in addressing national priorities through a demand-driven participatory approach that is not only during the planning stage of specific project-related interventions, but also during the implementation stage.


South-South Knowledge Exchange Corridors:

A. From Arab States to Central Asia and Eastern Europe, focused on expertise in effective livestock management and supported by Algeria
B. From Eastern Europe (Hungary) to Arab States and Central Asia, focused on expertise in biotechnology and supported by Hungary
C. From Turkey to Arab States and Central Asia, focused on training in management of farmer-based organizations and supported by Turkey
D. Between all the participating countries, focused on expertise in sustainable water resources management and supported by all the interested countries as a cross-cutting theme
E. Other South-South Knowledge Exchange corridors may be added as the countries suggest relevant themes where they would like to take the lead based on the expertise available


Project Expected Results (Phase 1):

A. Identifying common needs and specific capacities for participating countries
B. Needs assessments and stock taking exercises will be conducted in each participating country in order to identify low-cost solutions that help boost agricultural production
C. Addressing South-South knowledge exchange corridors on farmer based organizations and agricultural biotechnology
D. Identification of four pilot groups of small-holder agricultural producers in at least two rural communities in each participating beneficiary country
E. Elaboration of the cross-regional portal on South-South Cooperation in Agricultural Development on the basis of the online mapping platform
F. Organization of Policy Dialogue Event during Global South-South Development EXPO